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7 exercises in 1 device

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The Foot Gym™ ankle exerciser is the most comprehensive device for foot and lower leg strengthening and rehabilitation. There are three colour-coded resistance bands for toe curl, toe flexion and dorsiflexion.
The Foot Gym™ is useful for dancers to stretch their calf muscles, achilles tendon and plantar fascia and also to massage the arch, heel and archilles tendon. Fill the massage roller with water and heat or chill to achieve the desired effect.


Areas for Improvement

  • Release muscles in the foot
  • Improve pointe
  • Improve foot articulation
  • Improve intrinsic strength
  • Improve transition from demi pointe to pointe
  • Improve jumping strength in foot
  • Reduce injury
  • Improve achillies / demi plié range of movement



User guide included.


Dimensions: 61cm x 30cm x 30cm

Weight: 1.3kg


NOTE:  If you have an existing injury please seek medical advice before using this device.

NOTE: This bulky item is excluded in FREE DELIVERY promotions





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