The Dangers Of DIY

Why En Pointe Orthotics is custom made by accredited fitting specialists!


When you’re driving your car it gives you comfort knowing that everything in your car is in working order doesn’t it?  Especially if you’re in your car for an extended period of time… say hours at a time.

If you’re not a mechanic or have much knowledge about how an engine works or how to change a muffler do you do this yourself to save money?  No, you likely (hopefully) would pay an expert to do this for you.




Why would you go and make mess with your feet, the one thing as a dancer that we can’t dance without.  Why not leave it to the experts.


Here are 5 reasons why our products are not DIY and why it’s always a much better idea to have your pointe pouches (just like it is your pointe shoes) fit by an expert in the field.


  1. You’re in danger of twisting in the shoe.

When you’re fit by an En Pointe Orthotics fitting specialist they are sitting by your foot and looking directly at the correct angle of your alignment.  When they use your shoes in conjunction with the fitting they are ensuring when they put it on that the alignment is correct and that the shoe or your feet are not twisted in the shoe.

When you put your own shoes on during this curing process how do you know the shoe isn’t twisted when you’re looking at it from the wrong angle?

  1. You don’t know where the material will sit once you put the shoe on.

With En Pointe Orthotics, only a portion of the fitting is done in the shoe.  Our accredited fitting specialist use techniques without the shoe to ensure correct alignment BEFORE you even put the shoe on.  If you’re squeezing into your original shoe without first paying attention to correct alignment, then there will be no difference in the alignment once the shoe goes onto the feet.

  1. Cutting costs? You may wear the cost.

You don’t just find the cheapest mechanic to service your car do you?  You want to know they are doing the job correctly even if it does cost a little bit extra don’t you?

En Pointe Orthotics are fit by an accredited fitting specialist who has worked and trained to ensure they supply only the highest quality product that you will absolutely love (or your money back)

  1. Alignment out

Have I said alignment enough? Why is a manicure always better when someone else does it?  Because they are looking at your toes and painting them straight on.  When you try, you’re upside down you have to bend your arm to make sure you don’t get it on your sleeve and if you’re one of those lucky people who’s toes cross under other toes well you might need to be an octopus to give your self a pedicure in this case.

Do you get my pointe? When you’re doing this your self you’re not coming at your toes from the correct angle and so as a result will likely fit yourself incorrectly perhaps doing more harm than good.

  1. Where you think you may need support may not be correct AT ALL

If you have a bunion (or the start of one) it’s actually no where near your bunion that needs to support to prevent your bunion from worsening over time.  Time and time again we have seen dancers with thick padding or material over the actual bunion but without a spacer in between the toes or product/material to help correct the alignment to avoid further damage.  How do you know where is best product placement without talking to an expert?


There are so many wonderful options out there on the market these days to help dancers with pain, discomfort, issues or alignment en pointe.  If you experience any issues it’s ALWAYS best to seek professional advice from your local expert.  If En Pointe Orthotics aren’t the answer that’s ok but make sure you’re seeking an experts opinion before you make your own solution.

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