Bloch EuroStretch Pointe Shoes


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The Eurostretch pointe shoe is a revolutionary design, engineered to achieve the optimal line of gravity and aesthetic elegance of the foot ‘en pointe’.


The Eurostretch features a unique stretch satin upper which lengthens when the foot is flat or in demi plié and returns to its original form when ‘en pointe’. The innovative stretch satin ensures an overall wrinkle-free profile.


The heel alignment is kept in place by an elastic strap between the layers of the shank. The split outsole allows the shank the freedom to move with foot articulation.


The upper lining is divided into three fabric sections:  featuring a light-weight stretch fabric box lining; a narrow section of thin material for easy sewing of ribbons plus the soft suede heel cups at the back of the foot, providing a non slip surface.


The elastic drawstring is encased in a stretch satin binding. Inside the box at the platform is a soft sponge cushion, which gives extra comfort and protection when standing ‘en pointe’ and acts as a shock absorber.


  • Shank strength – flexible and supportive
  • Last curved – emphasises the arch of the foot ‘en pointe’
  • Shank (insole) flexible – assists in arching the foot
  • Elastic drawstring – improved fit of the upper
  • Standard ‘A’ paste – has resilience and is less affected by climatic conditions such as heat and humidity
  • Heel shape medium – cradles the heel and holds the shape
  • Side low cut – enhances the profile of the foot
  • Outsole split – increases shank contact with the arch
  • Platform wide – enables lateral support and stability ‘en pointe’
  • Vamp shape open U – Holds the foot ‘en pointe’
  • Vamp length medium – supports the foot


Ribbons sold separately.


We strongly recommend a complete and professional pointe shoe fitting at Dance Desire before purchasing any pointe shoes.


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Weight 400 g

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